Show & Tell

A communication habit for saying what you think without controlling your client’s response.

What to do

First, show the person you are talking to what you see. Then, tell them what you would do if presented with the same information.

What “good” looks like

We’re publishing one hundred blog posts per month, yet our audience is shrinking. If we invest more time in fewer posts, maybe we could turn that around. What do you think?

For a thoughtful proposal, our sales team will need more than one day. I think you’ll get a better pitch if we talk next Tuesday. Would that work for your timeline?

Forming the habit

To make this communication style automatic, take every opportunity to practice. Here’s your new habit:


I feel that I want to tell this person what the best course of action is.


I pause to give myself time to think.

New action.

I frame my response with Show & Tell.