See & Name

A communication habit that allows your client to engage with the impact of their actions.

What to do

First, see that your conversation is running up, many times, against something uncomfortable. Then, name the resistance.

What “good” looks like

I often hear you say your content writers don’t understand SEO. You also turned them down when they volunteered to try auditing their content.

When we first spoke, you asked us to design an email campaign. Now you’re saying it’s a poor fit because it won’t translate to social. It seems like the target is moving.

Forming the habit


I name the resistance that I see.


I see that the conversation is running up against the something uncomfortable.

New action.

I wait for a response.

Disagreement is not resistance

If your client sees the same facts you do and makes a different choice, that’s OK. If your client avoids seeing some facts about how their actions affect themselves or others, that’s resistance.