Hello 👋  I’m Ben.
I uncover the key behaviors that help us adapt, thrive, and be wholly genuine in the workplace.
Benjamin Estes
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Work is about getting things done. It turns out, that’s surprisingly hard to pull off. We show up every day and give our all, and still it feels like nothing ever happens. There are ways to upend that routine.

To adapt and thrive anywhere, you must become confident in your ability to effect change. As you develop this vital skill, you will find yourself better able to be your genuine self among your peers.

What to expect.

I teach, coach, and consult to support your growth. To that end, these assumptions guide me:

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Engaging is supporting. Read an essay and share your thoughts. Take an online course and form some new habits. Or email me to discuss training, coaching, and consulting opportunities.

About me.

I’ve spent the last decade consulting. I’ve led engagements with all kinds of businesses—from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Most of my work has been in fashion and tech. I’ve helped employees at companies like Xero, ThoughtWorks, and F5 effect change in their workplaces. ✌️❤️☕